1C - Command and control Systems Operation

U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Troy Ondrey, 420th Expeditionary Air Base Squadron air traffic controller, receives a call from an incoming aircraft at Royal Air Force Fairford, England, Jan. 11, 2022. Members of the 420th EABS, deployed from around the world, work  together with the 420th Air Base Squadron to support various missions at Fairford. From Jan. 8-12, the 420th EABS provided support for the 352nd Special Operations Wing’s Agile Combat Employment exercise. ACE exercises prepare Airmen to operate effectively from locations with varying levels of capacity and support. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Jennifer Zima)

1C - Command and control Systems Operation



The goal of the 3DELRR program is to develop and field a next-generation mobile air defense radar system to replace the rapidly aging TPS-75 radar currently maintained and operated by the United States Air Force. In March 2022, Lockheed-Martin was awarded the contract develop their 3DELRR solution, named TPY-4, following a competitive two-year rapid prototyping effort nicknamed, “SpeedDealer”. AFOTEC’s 1C8X3 personnel played a key role in the success of SpeedDealer by organizing relevant and effective test scenarios, developing and conducting user surveys, leading in-depth maintenance demonstrations, and authoring test reports to inform program stakeholders and decision makers on the effectiveness and suitability of each participating system. In addition to SpeedDealer, 1C8X3 personnel have advised TPY-4’s Technical Order (TO) development and supplied Lockheed-Martin with valuable early feedback on the development of their TPY-4 operator and maintainer software interface. Once 3DELRR begins Operational Testing (OT) in FY24, 1C8X3 personnel will continue to play a major role as AFOTEC’s operationally representative test participants, replicating real-world deployment scenarios and maintenance practices. 


JCC2 integrates cyberspace Command and Control (C2) across the DoD with joint, coalition, and inter-agency partners to enhance multi-domain operations. Unified Platform (UP) connects disparate Department of Defense (DoD) Offensive and Defensive Cyber Systems to allow the cyber operators to collaborate, query, store, and share information during missions.  

In 2022, the Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center (AFOTEC) Detachment 2, in conjunction with a representative from HQ AFOTEC, participated in an assessment of three JCC2 applications: Significant Activity (SIGACT), Rally, and Aggress, Assess, Inspect, and Test (A2IT). This assessment was conducted by Joint Forces Headquarters – Department of Defense Information Network (JFHQ-DODIN) at Ft. Meade, Maryland.  AFOTECs involvement produced feedback and recommendations for the next Program Increment (PI) to improve mission capability of the JCC2 application suite. 

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