A-2/9 Intelligence, Analyses, & Assessments Directorate

Serves as the Center’s focal point for operational test technical adequacy by providing comprehensive test designs and analyses. A‑2/9 ensures standardized, comprehensive, defendable test designs, analyses, and intelligence processes are conducted to underpin effectiveness, suitability, and capability assessments in AFOTEC test plans and reports to inform Department of Defense, Air Force and AFOTEC leadership for their acquisition decisions and responses to emerging issues and external studies.  A-2/9 recently implemented an Operational Test Outreach initiative.  One of the initiative’s goals is to ensure a better understanding of the value of operational test and evaluation throughout the acquisition community.  The initiative seeks to build relationships with organizations such as the Defense Acquisition University, Air Force Research Laboratories, and the Air Force Institute of Technology.

Contact Information: (505) 846-2849

A-2/9 Director