Detachment 3 is located at Hill AFB, Utah. The detachment tests and evaluates strategic nuclear systems in operationally realistic environments to ensure delivery of effective and suitable combat capabilities. Test programs include the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD), which is the weapon system replacement for the LGM-30 Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile system (ICBM). Other programs include the Mk21A Reentry Vehicle that will be used on GBSD and Fuze Modernization replacement for the Mk21 arming and fuzing assembly. Detachment 3 has an Operating Location at Offutt AFB, Nebraska (OL-ON) that supports programs in the nuclear command control and communications (NC3) realm, which directly enable U.S. Strategic Command’s mission set.

Contact Information: (801) 777-3180

Detachment 3 Commander