A-5/8 Strategic Plans & Requirements Directorate

A-5/8 develops and manages the policy, funding, strategic planning, and test infrastructure expertise and solutions for AFOTEC. The directorate obtains the funding and manpower for the entire Center through the Program Objective Memorandum process. A-5/8 provides test and evaluation and acquisition policy support to the AFOTEC mission and is responsible for knowledge operations of governing Department of Defense, Air Force, and AFOTEC instructions, guidelines, and policies. The directorate interfaces with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Director for Operational Test and Evaluation, Headquarters Air Force, major commands, and Department of Defense ranges to ensure all operational test and evaluation and fiscal requirements are met. A-5/8 is the executive agent for oversight and management of test resource plans for the operational tests conducted by AFOTEC. The directorate also provides oversight and management of AFOTEC’s self-assessment and continuous process improvement programs, and manages AFOTEC’s support agreements and the Center’s activation and inactivation processes.

Contact Information: (505) 846-5141

A-5/8 Director