DetachmentAFOTEC Det 2 2 is located at Eglin AFB, Fla. The detachment conducts operational test and evaluation of air armament, agile combat support, electronic warfare, mission planning, command and control, communications, chemical and biological defense systems. The detachment executes operational test and evaluation of warfighter systems in operationally realistic battlespace environments to determine their effectiveness, suitability, and mission capability.  Detachment 2's co-location with the 96th Test Wing, system acquisition program offices, and Air Combat Command's 53rd Test Wing provides unique opportunities for integrated developmental and operational test synergy.  Detachment 2 also serves as the AFOTEC commander's liaison to the 96th Test Wing. The detachment ensures the AFOTEC Commander, detachments, and staff are informed of concept, project, and program issues for all 96th Test Wing acquisitions.

Contact Information: (850) 883-1089