A security forces NCO at the Wild West Air Show in Cheyenne, Wyo.

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Integrated Base Defense Security System’s (IBDSS) 

IBDSS is an ongoing acquisition program that combines several sub-programs to provide intrusion detection, assessment and perimeter surveillance, entry control, delay and denial, and command and control of physical security systems and display capabilities.  In 2015, AFOTEC conducted a operational utility evaluation (OUE) to inform the Air Force Lifecycle Management Center’s Force Protection Branch and the Headquarters, United States Air Force Director of Security Forces of additions to the intrusion detection system equipment approval letters.  The OUE focused on the Video Image Control and Display System (VICADS) with Vindicator 7.0, force protection requirements for operational employment and sustainment.  These efforts identified the system to be mission capable/effective/suitable, with several recommendations to the user and program office. 

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