Pathways Program

The Internship Program provides students in college, trade school, vocational school, and other eligible educational programs with opportunities to work in federal departments and agencies and explore federal careers while still in school. An Intern can be appointed to a position at any grade level for which qualified. The Internship Program allows for year-round employment and flexible work schedules for students in a variety of educational programs. Participation in the Internship Program requires a written agreement and commitment by the student and the employing Air Force organization. This agreement is referred to as the Pathways Participant Agreement. Students appointed under this authority may be non-competitively converted to a career or career-conditional appointment within 120 days of completion of their academic program. The program offers health, life, and retirement benefits; vacation and sick time; and paid holidays.

Pathways interns must meet the following requirements:

- Full time college student

- Minimum GPA of 2.0

- Able to work 15-32 hours per week


The PALACE Acquire Program offers permanent full-time positions in a wide range of occupations following a 2 to 4-year period with a formal training plan designed for both personal and professional growth.

Promotions and yearly salary increases are granted based upon performance and supervisory approval. Upon successful completion of the formal training plan, the PALACE Acquire Program offers a permanent position at AFCS, making it a great way to start your professional life.

A degree is required for the PAQ program — associate's, bachelor's, master's, doctorate, or a vocational or technical degree, or certificate within the preceding two years. Those with a master's degree or with a bachelor's degree and professional experience may qualify for higher-level opportunities. Some programs may require a minimum grade-point average or a willingness to relocate

If you have any questions about AFOTEC's Internship Programs please feel free to go to out contact page, and send your questions to A-1 in the drop down menu.