AFOTEC hosts former commanders forum

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Six former Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center commanders met at AFOTEC headquarters May 19 at the invitation of the current Commander Maj. Gen. Stephen T. Sargeant for a one-day forum.

General Sargeant provided the former commanders with an update on the current status of AFOTEC activities and how the Center was providing capabilities to the warfighter. He also led a discussion on how AFOTEC continues to evolve and fulfill its mission more effectively, including in space systems.

"I wanted to get their feedback on their experiences when they led AFOTEC and how they see the organization today," said General Sergeant. "The goal was to gain from the lessons of the opportunities and challenges they faced during their time in command, and to compare them to those we face today.

"This event was significant for a couple of reasons," said the general. "First, the former commanders felt honored to be welcomed back warmly and in a very first-rate manner by all of AFOTEC. Also, they appreciated being able to provide feedback and share their insights on where this organization has been, where it is currently, and where it is headed. Many of these individuals are still involved in the military community and are invested in seeing AFOTEC continue to evolve its mission to meet the needs of our warfighters."

The retired AFOTEC commanders that attended the forum included: Maj. Gen. Michael D. Hall (1985-1987); Maj. Gen. Peter D. Robinson (1990-1991); Lt. Gen. Marcus A. Anderson (1991-1993); Maj. Gen. George B. Harrison (1993-1997); Maj. Gen. William A. Peck, Jr., (2000-2003); and Maj. Gen. Felix Dupré (2003-2005). AFOTEC has had 20 commanders since it was activated as the Air Force Test and Evaluation Center on Jan. 1, 1974. The center was redesignated as AFOTEC on April 4, 1983 to clearly delineate its role as the Air Force's operational test agency.