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  • AFOTEC honors 2007 annual award winners

    More than 50 Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center members were recognized during the March 25, 2008 AFOTEC Annual Awards Banquet that honored the outstanding performers for 2007.Mr. Sergei Sikorsky was the guest speaker for the event. Sikorsky, son of aviation pioneer Igor Sikorsky, spent more than 40 years in the international
  • AFOTEC and U.S. Air Force Academy launch new, powerful mentoring program

    The Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center and the U.S. Air Force Academy launched a new and powerful mentoring program on March 17 when they signed a memorandum of agreement during a formal signing ceremony at the USAFA in Colorado Springs, Colo. The agreement enables AFOTEC personnel to mentor cadets enrolled in, or considering,
  • Rapid Test: Responding to the Warfighter

    When is faster better? In the warfighter environment, faster is better when it saves lives. Today's enemies are smart and adaptive and this means the battlefield capabilities of our forces must respond rapidly to changing tactics and techniques. Rapid test is designed to answer the urgent needs of the Combatant Commanders to ensure mission success.
  • AFOTEC hosts F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Executive Committee meeting

    The Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center recently hosted an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Executive Committee meeting that brought together top U.S. and United Kingdom military representatives to discuss operational testing of the largest acquisition program in the history of the Department of Defense. The main purpose of the Nov. 8 meeting
  • AFOTEC Test Team Receives National Award

    The Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center's specialized nine-member Small Diameter Bomb test team combined more than 130 years of military and operational testing experience and garnered the Air Force Association's 2007 Test and Evaluation Team of the Year Award. AFOTEC's SDB Test Team received the award for outstanding achievement by an
  • Annual 24-Hour Run Honors POWs/MIAs

    The Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center sponsored the 5th annual Prisoner of War/Missing in Action 24-hour Vigil Run Sept. 20-21 at Kirtland AFB, N.M. , in honor of all current and former POWs and Americans still listed as missing in action.The run began at Kirtland's Hardin Field after opening ceremonies featuring former POW retired
  • Another Galaxy, Another Test: Operational Test and Evaluation of the C-5M

    On Oct. 18, 2006, the Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center's Detachment 5 at Edwards AFB, Calif., reported the last test event for the operational assessment of the C-5 Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining Program had been completed. The C-5 RERP assessment is the latest in a long run of operational test and evaluations of the C-5
  • JSAM: A Layer of Protection

    Sometimes our biggest fears can come from something so small it cannot be detected with the human eye. Chemical and biological weapons use some of the most dangerous chemicals and diseases known. The use of biological weapons to wage war dates back more than 14 centuries. Today's U.S. military operates in areas where the capability exists to employ
  • AOCs: Orchestrating Air Campaigns in Perfect Harmony

    Since the end of the Cold War, Air Force planners have been transforming airpower to stay ahead of complex and ever-evolving threats throughout the world. The Air Force continues to develop new air and space technologies and operational concepts, while advancing current assets, in order to be ready to fight and win current and future wars. One step
  • Capabilities-Based Evaluation Processes: Moving Beyond the Fear of Failure

    The following is an interview with the Headquarters Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center Technical Advisor to the Commander, Mr. Jerry Kitchen, about the value of capabilities-based evaluation processes and how AFOTEC is incorporating this approach into how the Center conducts and reports its test and evaluation results on weapon