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  • AFOTEC gets new commanding general

    The Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center held a change of command ceremony July 19 at its Headquarters on Kirtland Air Force Base. Brigadier General Michael T. Rawls assumed command of the Center from Major General James R. Sears Jr., in a ceremony presided by Lieutenant General Kevin B.

  • Ripple Effect: The impact one life left behind at AFOTEC

    On June 3 the Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center dedicated the Grant D. Schaber Conference Room at its headquarters. The Air Force Memorialization Program recognizes military and civilian members who have provided outstanding service to their country. AFOTEC has supported this program

  • U.S. Operational Test Team Completes High-Tempo, Joint Testing on F-35

    The U.S. Operational Test Team (UOTT) conducted four large-scale, joint F-35 test events in four weeks, rapidly validating a series new F-35 capabilities. The joint team of Airmen, Sailors, Marines, and Guardians used 32 aircraft and more than 500,000 pounds of airborne fuel to complete the